Taking “I CAN” from “I HAVE CANCER”


Travis Boren is not only one of the Owners of SICFIT Round Rock, but the inspiration in which he fueled himself to be the owner of a gym is far more significant than his title. When I first met Travis at a gym that I was managing as well as being the Head Coach, I can honestly say that I don’t remember him standing out in the crowd of new students I was preparing to influence. He seemed like anyone else that was just trying to improve on their own limitations or shortcomings regarding his physical fitness. There was no doubt he was focused to better himself and his effort was always there. But my impression of him dramatically changed in a instant when one day he asked if he could stay after class and get some advice on how to get more out of his training. While he was explaining to me the difficult road he’s been on since being diagnosed with Leukemia, I quickly realized that the effort he was putting forth each day in my classes was far more than the average person. He wasn’t just determined to improve in his abilities in the gym, he was steadfast in saving his own life. He was literally crawling, kicking & screaming his way back to a life that he wanted control of. The scariest part of all this for me was how young this man was in front of me and he is waging an internal war against himself. I had no reference point to what it was like to be in his shoes, but all I knew was that I was ready to help.

To this day, he has remained one of my favorite inspirational testimonials. That said, I can and will never take credit for what he’s pushed himself to do. He’s the one that deserves ALL the credit. He did the work. He continuously made sure that he was on track. He made the necessary lifestyle changes that supported a higher probability of success. He removed things from his life that may have been contributing factors to his disease. The only thing I did for Travis was open him up to a new realm of possibilities based on more efficient and more effective ways of taking care of himself through his nutrition (first and foremost) and his physical abilities. I watched him collect all the nuggets of information I could share with him, and apply them in the best ways he could at the time until he became more proficient and more confident.

His “transformation” may not be like some or even most, but he knows what it’s like to hang off the edge of a cliff and climb his way back onto stable ground. For that, I encourage you to read Travis’ story, in his own words, and see how he is now deeply inspired to help others. Travis and SICFIT Round Rock are working to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through their annual Light The Night Walk coming up next month. Please click on HERE to learn more about how to participate and/or donate!


Thank you Travis for continuing to inspire all those around you.
– Mike

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