Piyo is a mainstream version of a mind/body fusion class, featuring movements inspired by, but not limited to, various styles of Pilates and yoga. Each Piyo class incorporates the following:

Piyo Updog

  • Focus: Poses are held for several breaths to focus on increasing overall core strength.
  • Flow: Rhythmic, flowing style that generates heat in the body.
  • Fusion: A blend of focus and flow, these movements incorporate dynamic balance and functional training that challenge core strength and emphasize the athleticism of Pilates and yoga.


Piyo workouts follow a structure that creates a safe, effective and consistent group exercise class. Each workout includes these components for well-rounded fitness:

  • Section 1: Warm-up, heat building
  • Section 2: Lower-Body Strength, flow and balance work
  • Section 3: Upper-Body Strength, flexibility and core focus
  • Section 4: Cool down and stretching


Flexibility training is a key component of any balanced fitness program. One of the special attributes of the Piyo format is that flexibility training is integrated into the workout itself. In addition to the stretches held at the end of class, the Piyo movements throughout the workout focus on increasing range of motion in various joints. Some of the many benefits being:

  • Improved performance, decreased injury risk
  • Improved posture
  • Reduced risk of lower back pain
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Increased blood and nutrients to tissues
  • Improved muscle coordination


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