We have all, since birth, had people in our lives who teach and mentor us, and some of us are fortunate enough to have many people who we continue to learn and grow from. Think, for a moment, of all the dozens of teachers you’ve had in life, whether it be a formal student/teacher relationship in a school setting, a parent or family member, your financial planner, or even the man at Home Depot who taught you what materials are best to use for your latest project. Now, think of those teachers and mentors who have not only taught you something, but also challenged you, motivated you to do and be more, and above all, held you accountable while tirelessly encouraging you onwards. These are the teachers/coaches/mentors who are often the catalyst to the most success, growth and positive changes within our lives: the ones who are so invested in you and your goals and story that your successes in turn, become their successes, and they feel the sting of setbacks right along with you.

A Wellness or Life Coach allows you the comfort and security of taking the guess work out of how to reach your specific wellness goals by holding you accountable, reminding you of the bigger picture/goals when life hurls a curveball your way, and mapping out and then guiding you down a path towards success on your wellness journey.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is one’s ability to achieve balance in both physical and mental health, which we all know is much easier to say than it is to achieve… which is where coaching comes into play. A Wellness Coach is someone that will take a complete assessment of what your goals are and create a strategic pathway for you to follow in order to achieve those goals. When life throws you those inevitable obstacles, your Wellness Coach is there to help you make the necessary adjustments along the way, doing everything possible to keep you on track and focused. Targeting specific goals requires motivation, determination and accountability, all of which your Wellness Coach will use to help you create balance in both your physical and mental health.

There are two aspects that are the basis in achieving your balance: nutrition and setting goals. Our SICFIT Nutritional Program hits the fundamental education that we all should know and learn with the Food as Fuel seminars, but for this individualized program, we will dive in a bit deeper.


– Complete a health history assessment.
– Individualized nutrition program based on your specific goals and needs.
– Body composition analysis, utilizing the hydrostatic testing method for superior accuracy.
– Grocery store tour that serves as an educational piece as well as compliments your specific nutritional program.
– An optional home visit to assess how you’re currently working to attain your goals.
– Reverse symptoms from imbalanced wellness.
– Reduce medications that support nutritional deficiencies


– Food education and the importance of hydration.
– Daily mobile communication.
– Daily accountability & support.
– Weekly measurements & adjustments.


Email or call 512-851-7459 for more information.

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