Private Coaching is a personalized, efficient, and amazingly effective way to achieve individual fitness goals. Our private coaching programs utilize Strength In Conditioning methodologies and programming that enable the body to achieve the desired results quickly. You and your coach will work together to identify your personal fitness goals, assess your movement and identify any/all limitations, and design a specialized program that specifically targets deficiencies, improves your strengths, and creates the path towards reaching and surpassing your goals as quickly as possible. 1-on-1 time with a coach is recommended for athletes of all abilities, and especially for those who are training for a specific event, have significant limitations due to health or injury, or are just getting back into a more active lifestyle.

The cornerstone of our private coaching program is a holistic approach to both exercise and nutrition. We are committed to helping you feel better, increase your confidence and self-esteem while making a positive lifestyle change that will last you a lifetime.

We also make it clear from the start of our relationship that YOU are ultimately responsible for your results. YOU have the power to have whatever body, fitness, health, and vitality you want! Our instruction focuses on movement techniques and skills, physical conditioning, and the development of healthy workout, eating habits, and self-discipline, so that after a period of time, you’ve got the experience and confidence to do it on your own.

We also work with small to medium sized business/sales teams whose performance (and income) at work is dependent on their health, vitality, energy level, motivation, stamina, and drive. Our personal training programs focus on personal or small group sessions (couples or friends) comprised of one to four individuals to guarantee maximum personalized instruction and coaching.



Stabilization comes first; followed by strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. The movements and exercises we use combine bodyweight calisthenics with weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardiovascular exercise. The movements we teach are functional (mimic movements in real life and sports), and our workouts are fun (once you’re finished) and varied so that your body always has a reason to make an adaptation. Each client is assessed and a specific program is designed for their needs.


An area of focus for those competing in the Sport of FITness and/or sport specific training for collegiate athletes.


From losing weight to peak performance, what you eat is responsible for at least 75% of your results in your health and fitness training. We’ll work with you on developing a unique nutrition program that actually works with your life with emphasis in areas like eating habits, food choices, shopping, planning and preparation, snacks, and eating out.


Maybe you’ve spent years focused on your career and work, and neglected your health and body. Maybe you’ve had a nagging injury that has kept you from doing the things you really want to do. It’s time for a change! This is a gradual and systematic process that we guide you through to regain your flexibility, range of motion, strength, and coordination.

Motivation / Accountability / Life Coaching

Do you follow through? Are you good for a couple weeks only to find that you can’t keep it up? Do you continually to get good results and performance increases or do you find yourself stuck, stagnant, or maybe even moving backwards? How’s your “self-talk”? Do you believe in yourself? These are some of the many questions help you answer en-route to a completely new you!



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