Weightlifting had its place in the inaugural Olympic Games in 1896, and since the 1920 Games, the sport of weightlifting has had its own event. These powerful movements [snatch and clean & jerk] are very dynamic, technical, challenging and a true identifier of one’s strength, which is why we love Olympic weightlifting here at SICFIT Round Rock. Although individually complex, there are dozens of smaller, simpler movements within lifts like the snatch and clean and jerk that can be applied to almost every movement we do at the gym and in day to day life. From the simplest box jumps or step ups, kettle bell swings, or wall balls, to more difficult movements like pull-ups, and muscle-ups, all can be improved by working on the simple micro movements that comprise a complex Olympic lift. Incorporating the snatch and clean & jerk into our program allows us to hone in on how to force your body to move with the max amount of efficiency and efficacy in order to maximize your strength capacity.

Our proven methods are designed to help you get comfortable under the barbell. Breaking each of these movements down allows for athletes at any level to gain confidence and opens the door wider to push one’s potential.

  • Our certified coaches have years of experience teaching these movements to a wide range of athletic abilities
  • SICFIT Round Rock is the host facility for the USAW Sports Performance Coaching Course. Are you looking to add the USA Weightlifting certification to your resume? Or perhaps you want to become more proficient in your Olympic Lifting? No matter which camp you fall into, you won’t want to miss the SICIFT Round Rock two day USAW Level I Sports Performance Coaching Certification. These courses are held twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.
  • We also offer several clinics throughout the year that will work on technique, form and efficiency of each movement




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