SICFIT Round Rock is designed to enhance the lives of our students through educated coaching, nutritional counseling, challenges, seminars, level testing and community events. Our three levels of training and nutrition are the backbone of our exercise philosophy simply described as LIFE l FITNESS l SPORT. Our goals are to improve your quality of life, to create stronger/faster/healthier versions of ourselves and to be able to do more than we did yesterday.

We like to describe our three levels of training as:

LIFE: For those that need a lifestyle change. Maybe you are re-habbing an injury, just had a baby, are de-conditioned, or need to lose weight. This introductory beginner’s program provides the foundation of functional movement and proper form and scaling at the right intensity for each individual.

FITNESS: For those that want to look better than yesterday, feel good naked, look good in a bathing suit. Maybe you need a coach, some accountability, a new fitness or nutrition program to get you the results you deserve. This intermediate program is the cornerstone of our fitness and nutrition program. It changes body composition, develops athletes and empowers students to be better. It allows you to ramp up intensity levels, get stronger and learn new skills while executing proper form to maximize results.

SPORT: For those that are focused to do more work in less time; whether it’s to run a marathon, compete in an Ironman, hike the Grand Canyon, qualify in a Weightlifting meet, play competitive individual or team sports, rank regionally in the The Sport of Fitness, or learn and train for an adventure race. Our customized SPORT programming and wide-rage of competitive experience will set you up for success and take your fitness to the next level.

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