Meet Nate, our man with a plan

Our story continues with Nate giving a brief bio of himself and explains in his words how he landed at 400+ pounds.
We’re honored, humbled and proud to have Nate allow us to imbed ourselves into his life and document his journey to lose nearly half his bodyweight. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado meet Nathan Acheson…

My name is Nathan. As I am writing this I am just over 400 pounds and 33 years old. Let me start at the beginning: growing up I was always extremely skinny, and this may have been due to the fact that I swam competitively year round and perhaps also because I was on Ritalin.  As I got to my junior and senior year in High School, I gave up swimming and joined the snow skiing team, and the weight started to come on around that time. I joined a gym where I would work out mainly during the summer with friends.

During my senior year the weight kept coming, and at this point I was thinking of trying all sorts of different options; I was 5’11 and 185 pounds…not overly heavy, but just starting to put on the pounds steadily. Senior year came and went, and off I went to college.

College was a blast: party after party, and all the while, my health was getting worse and worse. At one point I even thought I was having a heart attack, but luckily it was just really bad heartburn from way too many margaritas in one week.  Freshman year I gained probably 40 pounds and gained around 15-20 during the years following.  By the time I left college, I weighed in at 319lbs.  After graduation, I thought that perhaps living at home with my parents would help, and it did a little bit. I cut back on the parties, but I was still drinking heavily.

I moved to Texas when I was 26, and moved out of my parents’ house shortly after they moved here. I weighed around 345 at that time.  When I stepped on the scale and thought my God, what happened!?  I quickly started eating right but soon fell back into my ways; rinse and repeat this several times, and here I am today, a tad over 400 pounds. 

I generally try and stick to a low carb/high protein diet, however when that is mixed with booze and late night pizza, it’s not a good thing.  I know that it’s really the booze that is my problem, creating a high appetite for me late at night that would always seem to drive my weight up and pack on the pounds.


Recently SICFIT Round Rock had a soft opening party that I was invited to, and as I looked around in the room as I usually do, I saw that I was the fattest person there.  I knew I had to do something, and when they offered a free workout that Saturday morning, I was pumped.  However, the night before, I got wasted drunk and would not have ended up going had a dear friend not dragged my ass there.  After that, I knew I needed to change; I had not been active besides walking with my dog around 3ish miles a day…which is good, but not all of what I needed.  Furthermore, I felt that I had been hiding from everyone: I was under a fake name on Facebook with a fake profile picture.  I didn’t like having my photo taken because I didn’t want people to know how fat I had gotten.  Well that changed the day of the first workout.  I felt I had been liberated.  I wasn’t going to hide what I had become anymore and looked to the future of what I wanted to become.  After that workout, I changed my name and picture on Facebook, and told Mike that I was ready to change.  Shortly afterwards, I sat down with both Mike and Kaleigh to start setting up a plan, and talked about goals and expectations, and the rest is yet to come!

What a great start to our story! Take one look of at these “before” pictures of Nate because this is the last time you’ll see him at 400 pounds, or anything close to it!!

Nate's before shot_2

December 31, 2015

Nate's before shot_1

December 31, 2015




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