At SICFIT Round Rock we advocate the importance of quality over quantity.  For example, the quality of your reps vs. the number of reps completed; the quality of your effort vs. the top time on the white board; a few quality workouts during the week vs. half hearted everyday of the week.

The reason we teach quality is because everything that we do in SICFIT as well as in life is built upon foundation.  We must be proficient in one area before moving on to the next.  This is where the quality of our reps will help determine the quality of our progress which in turn determines the quality of our outcomes.

SICFIT Round Rock Level Testing plays an important role for both new members just beginning a workout program and elite competitors as well.  First of all, level testing allows us to set a goal and strive for it.  We find that focusing on a goal and the steps required to reach it is far more effective then working out aimlessly.  Secondly, level testing allows us to set a foundation.  By doing level testing we are able to uncover areas of weakness that we have and work to make them our strengths, something that we all need to do in order to be well rounded.  If there is a certain piece or exercise in one of the level tests that will be tough for you then make a habit of working on that piece before or after class and track your progress.  Your results will improve in other areas as well.  Level testing also allows us to know which classes will best fit our needs.  If I am a not a Level 1 student then I will most likely need more instruction then someone who is already a Level 3 student and can attend a class accordingly.

Runners during Level testAnd of course most of all Level Testing is supposed to be FUN.  It allows us to strive for something, work hard for it, hear our names cheered on by coaches and peers, stand on top of the podium to collect our new bands and to wear our Level band with pride, showing off how far we have come to achieve our goals.  Because in the end, SICFIT is about where we end up not where we begin.

Level I – White Band
Level II – Red Band
Level III – Black Band

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