July’s Athlete of the Month – Dr. Ben Spitzenger

Dr. Ben Spitzenberger is not only passionate about how he takes care of his own health & wellness, but he is equally as passionate about how and why he treats his patients. Ben is of a rare breed of chiropractors with a holistic approach to his treatments and guidance that he provides his clients. This is one of the biggest reasons we have partnered with Dr. Ben and have him as an available resource for our clients. His holistic approach aligns with ours and we have an amazing advantage to support our clients on a greater level by understanding more of their individual skeletal structure and how we can best support their physical capabilities. Dr. Ben brings with him a lively attitude to class everyday and has the ability to bring a genuine smile to everyone of our clients. We’re proud to call Dr. Ben Spitzenberger July’s Athlete of the Month.



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