July’s Athlete of the Month – Dr. Ben Spitzenger

Dr. Ben Spitzenberger is not only passionate about how he takes care of his own health & wellness, but he is equally as passionate about how and why he treats his patients. Ben is of a rare breed of chiropractors with a holistic approach to his treatments and guidance that he provides his clients. This is one of the biggest reasons we have partnered with Dr. Ben and have him as an available resource for our clients. His holistic approach aligns with ours and we have an amazing advantage to support our clients on a greater level by understanding more of their individual skeletal structure and how we can best support their physical capabilities. Dr. Ben brings with him a lively attitude to class everyday and has the ability to bring a genuine smile to everyone of our clients. We’re proud to call Dr. Ben Spitzenberger July’s Athlete of the Month.



WAYMAN: Intelligence Analyst

258862_225922437430420_1547421_o“Having been seriously injured, I questioned if I could ever truly get back to the levels of activity I hoped. Mike was patient and worked within my limitations to help me reach my goals. His level of understanding of proper lifting techniques and body dynamics, helped ensure I progressed, but didn’t slow my recovery. If you are looking for a trainer to help you recover from an injury or become an elite competitor, Mike is the right person to help you reach your goals.”

JON: Sergeant, Canadian Armed Forces

10994767_10152858297779055_844620662_n“First off, I’m jealous and envious of those who will experience the opportunity of learning from, and being coached by, Coach Allred. I use the term “experience” because being around Mike and learning from him is nothing short of being an amazing experience!

 I had the pleasure and privilege of coaching with, being coached by, and working out with Mike while we were serving in Kandahar in 2010. More specifically, Mike and I ran Kandahar CrossFit where I experienced firsthand his passion, his dedication, and his knowledge. His infectious personality and athlete oriented coaching techniques drew the masses into our gym where we experienced a massive growth in loyal athletes. We were forced to increase our coaching staff and number of classes. Mike convinced Commanders to give Kandahar CrossFit a larger home and more equipment. He also organized and ran the 2011 Afghan Games, bringing to Afghanistan hundreds of athletes and sponsors from around the World! This is Mike Allred! This is YOUR Coach.

 You now have this amazing opportunity to be a part of his family.   It won’t be easy. ‎He and Kaleigh will push you; both physically and mentally, and you will become stronger, faster, healthier and more resilient because of it. They will help you understand and appreciate the true capabilities of your human machine. Embrace it and be amazed by the real you!

 To those ready for change and challenge – Welcome to the SICFIT Round Rock family… it won’t be easy! ‎ Mike, I’m proud of you Brother. Your members are in great hands and I remain jealous and envious of those who seize the opportunity of joining your family.”

TOM: Owner/Head Coach, CrossFit Reconstructed

1531889_10203308185877714_1109130451583628015_o“Coach Mike he is undoubtedly skilled in his craft. He consistently displays his knowledge in all aspects of fitness, human movement and nutrition. He has the uncanny ability to make the most technical movements seem easy to learn and seamlessly adapts his coaching styles to any levels of athletes, from beginners to season veterans. It is clear he is passionate about what he does. Coming from someone who has had the privilege of working under the tutelage of Coach Mike, he has an abundance of knowledge to share and I truly believe he has the ability to make anyone seeking a healthier, stronger, more active lifestyle, achievable.”