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All of my adult life, I’ve been training for something or I’ve been training someone else for something. As a Marine, I quickly and naturally took on many leadership roles; from boot camp all the way to the day I separated. I found that I loved leading, teaching, and coaching early on in my career. I’ve always believed that setting and then exemplifying and being that standard for those around me was far more important than the “do as I say, not as I do” type of mentality. I took great pride in my leadership roles and style during my time in the Marine Corps and it’s since been the framework for everything else in my life.

After the decade that I served as a Marine, I worked for more than 5 years traveling to some of the most painful and relentless places on the planet as a civilian contractor to help support our warfighters. I was able to give back to those who served and would continue to serve after me, training teams on the forward edge to be smarter, faster, and more dangerous than our enemies, through advanced equipment that would improve their survivability and lethality.

During this time I learned the methodology of functional fitness and how conducive and beneficial it was to my everyday lifestyle over the conventional way of training (ie. the back/bi’s, chest/tri’s schedule and moving a machine’s weight vs my own bodyweight). Having a background in personal training at a “globo gym” or big box gym, I saw and felt the differences right away and I never looked back. It didn’t take long for me to fully immerse myself in this lifestyle and, in turn, want to teach others to train this way. In 2010, I took an amazing opportunity to help breathe fire into a struggling gym on base in Kandahar, Afghanistan and later introduced it to the masses through a two day event that I created and hosted with the help of so many. Warfighters and civilians alike came from all over the battlefield to participate in The 2011 Afghan Games, and that experience allowed me the time and focus to hone my craft while simultaneously giving back to those that needed a sanctuary away from the stresses of living and fighting in a place so far from home. I’ve been very fortunate to train, train with, and be trained by some of the most athletic people on the planet, but nothing compares to the company I kept while running Kandahar CrossFit during combat operations in Afghanistan in 2010/2011.

My passion for functional fitness and my experience with the gym and Afghan Games in Kandahar would later open the door for me to manage, coach and train for a former gym here in Round Rock. Running a gym stateside was an eye opening experience on so many levels: from the ownership to the overwhelming support of the athletes that I coached. Not only was my passion for coaching reinvigorated, but it served as proof that it was time for me to do what I believe I was meant to do: positively impact people of all ages, teaching and showing them that being fit and healthy can be fun, rewarding and incredibly empowering.

That moment when I see someone grow from something I was able to show, teach, or have them experience is the validation of my passion, and I’m proud and so excited to share my knowledge and experience with this community. SICFIT Round Rock is that sanctuary I’ve created before, but this time, I’m home.

  • Certifications/Training:

  • National Endurance Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)
  • USAW Level I Sports Performance Coach Certified
  • CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Advanced Trainer
  • SEALFIT Kokoro Camp Class 20




As the oldest of five, with my youngest sibling being only seven years younger than me, I am almost positive that my mom enrolled us all into swim lessons and signed us up for the swim team as a survival tool not just for us in the water, but for her own sanity during those summer months when all five of us were home 24/7. “I don’t care if you don’t like it,” I remember her saying if one of us protested, “you all need to be doing something active. If it’s not swimming, fine. Then pick something else.”

Maybe it was laziness on my end, by not finding another sport… but I grew to love swimming in a weird way, and started swimming year round, coaching teams as I got older, and taught swim lessons in the same pools that I learned my first flip turns. I stuck with it for nearly 12 years until college, when I decided to go completely in the opposite direction and walk on to The Ohio State University women’s rugby team. In all honesty, I wasn’t a standout all-star in either sport, but I was good enough to start and be counted on by my team. When I enlisted into the Air National Guard a few days after high school graduation, I knew that I would soon be balancing my military duties with a full course schedule at OSU, planning around deployments and rugby. Because athletics had been such an integral part of my life since elementary school, I couldn’t imagine not being ‘in season’ or training in an off season, so when I was deployed [and deployed, and deployed again… 4 times in my 8 years] I would hit the gym even harder, focusing on the next rugby season I would be able to participate in once I was stateside again.

Then I graduated, and deployed to Afghanistan less than six months later. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have anything to train for.

The idea of FITness being a sport in and of itself didn’t occur to me until I was approached in the base gym about the workouts I was putting myself through, when someone asked if I did CrossFit. To that point, I had never even heard of this movement of fitness as being a sport, or the catchphrase functional fitness… I had just been training the way I was taught by my high school football coach: dead lifts and heavy squats and cleans paired with stuff like sprints and box jumps. Apparently, there was a name for that type of training, and I was doing functional fitness without even realizing it. When I set foot onto the little ragtag concrete pad behind a bunch of dusty concrete barriers in the middle of Kandahar, Afghanistan and was introduced to CrossFit and its new Head Coach, Mike Allred, my life changed in more ways than one. I fell in love with both the coach and the sport.

After returning home to Columbus, Ohio after Afghanistan, I continued pursuing my new found love of functional fitness, training under the 2010 CrossFit Games winner, Graham Holmberg and his then partner, Brandon Couden at Rogue, CF Gahanna. I would later follow them and continue training with Brandon at CrossFit Grandview until my move to Texas in February 2014, obtaining my CrossFit Level 1 Certification from Rogue HQ in Columbus in January 2014. For me, functional fitness was the only way that made sense to workout anymore: I liked that I was constantly challenged, that I was getting stronger, and that old nagging swimming/rugby injuries were less bothersome due to increased mobility, strength and flexibility. Just as it has always been with me and athletics, I will never be that girl who wins every competition and is the strongest, fastest, athlete. But I am an athlete. I am strong. And I am faster than I used to be.

Recently, I’ve rekindled my flame with yoga, something that I desperately want to love, but found myself trying out various classes/types and never really feeling that satisfaction from both ends of the spectrum: I understand the value and the importance of stretching, meditating, breathing, and all that is yoga… but I always feel this intrinsic need to be sopping wet with sweat at the end of a workout, and not just from sitting in a 115 degree room for Bikram. When I found classes called PiYo, I knew I was hooked: it gave me all the elements of yoga that I loved, but sped it up, put it to Justin Timberlake and Pitbull, and threw in bodyweight strength movements. These classes, paired with my functional movement workouts, are truly giving me the balance I think I need.

When I left Ohio for Texas, I knew that my ultimate goal was to jump off the Corporate America train for good. I wanted to get back to the roots of what makes me happy: being active, being competitive, being FIT and strong and ultimately, teaching others how to do the same. I am passionate about total health and well-being, from walking someone through the proper way to do a push-up or clean and jerk, to teaching them about the foods that are fuel your body needs to thrive.

I’ve been told that if you love what you do, you never work a day of your life. From Kandahar to Ohio, and now Texas, SICFIT Round Rock is the realization of so many of my own dreams, and I look forward to every single day that this gym and culture will positively impact our students and members of the community.



FullSizeRenderGrowing up, I was always an active child who loved to play any and every sport, but by the time I graduated high school I weighed in at nearly 260 pounds. I was overweight, not as healthy as I could’ve been, and was very unhappy with my physical appearance. Over the next few years I was able to lose some of the weight, but it really didn’t start falling off the way I wanted it to until I started doing functional fitness. I jumped on the High Intensity Interval Training [HIIT] train and never looked back. In 2013, I was the fittest I had ever been in my entire life and was down to 183 pounds; I couldn’t have been happier. Then, out of nowhere, I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. I was devastated and spent almost the next whole year fighting it off as best I could, starting chemotherapy that I still currently take, and will have to take for the rest of my life. The chemo took me away from the gym which had become my happy place, and was making me feel ill almost every day. After nearly ten months of agony, I decided that I had enough of feeling miserable and jumped right back into functional fitness where Mike and Kaleigh were currently coaching.

In the past, I had great coaches, but these two showed me just how high the bar could be set. They were amazingly supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and helped me stand back up on my feet. Their coaching, programming and friendship gave me my life back in such a way that I never thought I could have it again. A couple weeks into my training with them, the symptoms from my chemotherapy started to fade and happen less frequently. Before I knew it, I was back to my old self again and my blood counts started to drop back to normal at a faster rate. Obviously the chemotherapy has something to do with my progress, but I truly believe that trying to live an overall healthy lifestyle through functional fitness and eating right [the things Mike and Kaleigh taught me] are an even bigger contributing factor.

After seeing my own results: going from being absolutely miserable all the time, to running things like the Spartan Beast (10+ miles with obstacles), I knew I wanted to bring this same success to others. My passion in life is to help people get their lives back on track, just like Kaleigh and Mike helped me get mine back. I couldn’t be more honored and privileged to still be here, but to also be in the position to be able to make others feel just as healthy and happy, as I am today. Thank you for being a part of our dream.

We are here to help you be the best version of you, and we love every single day of it! It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey or what is holding you back… YOU CAN DO IT and we are here to help!

  • USAW Level I Sports Performance Coach Certified



Piyo Coach

unnamedFitness is a vital piece of my daily regimen. As a busy mother of three, finding time for exercise is challenging. Over the years, I have found that staying active is imperative not only to the physical being, but the heart and mind.

I grew up dancing in Austin. And when I say dancing, I mean my mother owned the studio. It was my breath. Hours, days spent on those rosin covered wood floors. And yet I never saw myself as an athlete. It wasn’t until after the birth of my daughter in 2007, that I felt an awareness – a connection between my lifestyle and my own wellness.

Fitness became an obsession. I immersed myself in it. I was attending 5am boot camps, taking group fitness classes at the gym, personal training, and running. There was no method to the madness. I was striving to reach an unachievable goal. Perfection. What I thought was athleticism. And then I broke. My body failed me. Along with my fitness regimen, I was running a household, a contributing journalist to a monthly magazine, PTA President, building a culinary business and basically not sleeping. Enter shingles. The illness rocked me to my core, as life came to a screeching halt. And it was in that time of self-suffering that I realized I was wrong – I had failed my body, not the other way around. And so I set out to do things differently.

I committed to changing my diet. Changing the way I trained my body. Changing the way I valued my time. I learned to heal myself from the inside out – simply with food and water. Through clean eating and exercise, I turned my weakness into wellness. When a dear friend mentioned PIYO to me, I was hesitant. Anything combing two theories of fitness into a title was absurd. You should know that I am a stubborn, challenge seeking kind of girl, which meant I decided to try it – so I signed up for certification. Go big or go home.

The format absolutely lit a fire in my heart and it continues to burn stronger and brighter. No other program or training has changed my body the way PIYO has. It’s a strength fusion style for people who like to sweat. Short bursts of cardiovascular work and strength training for all over body conditioning. PIYO incorporates dynamic balance, conditioning, plyometrics, strength, and functional training, emphasizing the athleticism of Pilates and yoga.

Partnering with SICFIT Round Rock is a game changer. Exposing PIYO to the athletes and members of this culture brings me so much joy, and I am honored to stand a part of this coaching family.

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